/yü'-noi-ä/ noun.

The shortest English word containing all five main vowel graphemes. It comes from the Greek word εύνοια which means well mind.

Eunoia is also defines as “beautiful thinking.”(from Wikipedia)

2008年10月28日 星期二

TV - Alias and 24, the double try

During the summer, when there were no new episode of a TV shows, I try my hands at two different series, Alias, and 24. Both of them was quite famous at that time in Taiwan, video rental is availible, and I thought why not just give-it-a-try.


I like Alias, with its charming and toughing gal lead, Jennifer Garner. The J.J.Abram produced drama center on a female spy Sydney, and her double lifes.

The series when on a huge twist on the middle of Season 2, which to many fans seems to be a turning point of the show from good to so-so. I myself stop nears the end of Season 2, mainly cause I lost interest.

Image:24 Intertitle.jpg

On the other hand, 24 wasn't my type of dish. The ruthless lead violate my peaceful mind, so I dropped it a couple of episode in the first season.

Next time, I tasted how it's feel when a favourite tv show get cancelled half way into the season: The Inside "damn your FOX s*@#k!!!"