/yü'-noi-ä/ noun.

The shortest English word containing all five main vowel graphemes. It comes from the Greek word εύνοια which means well mind.

Eunoia is also defines as “beautiful thinking.”(from Wikipedia)

2008年9月14日 星期日

080914 - Summer's end

It's somehow fitting to have a weeklong vacation in Taitung at the end of 2008's summer, which began with a weeklong trip to Orchid Island. Only this time it wasn't with old friends from previous school, but new people from other school.

It was a summer camp-style trip for my Ballroom Dance Club of TMU. Led by senior student, we met with BDC of Tatung University, and spend five days with them while learning some basic steps and easy routines.

I quiet enjoyed the quiet and calm atmosphere in Taitung, but not so much with interacting with other people. Plus a pressure-induced skin disorder didn't help too.

So that's it, my second shoot at a freshman summer. Not much change from my previous one, except I did try to make more plan, which ultimately failed.

Let hope the new semester won't be as bad as it seems from now.