/yü'-noi-ä/ noun.

The shortest English word containing all five main vowel graphemes. It comes from the Greek word εύνοια which means well mind.

Eunoia is also defines as “beautiful thinking.”(from Wikipedia)

2008年10月6日 星期一

081006 - Cloudy day

Well, it's becoming RAINY day just as I was typing this. But 'cloudy' was still the closest word that describe the things swirling over my head.

Ya, I'm sure it's pretty much because of the Monday syndrome. Everything you had to do last week but haven't do, plus everything you have to do this week, combined to make a vastly distrubing noise in my head.

Creative quote of today

"Unless you can begin with an interesting problem, it is unlikely you will end up with an interesting solution."
~ Bob Gill, Graphic Design as a Second Language

Reminder of the week

"What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger."

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  2. 哈哈,超短的阿:P