/yü'-noi-ä/ noun.

The shortest English word containing all five main vowel graphemes. It comes from the Greek word εύνοια which means well mind.

Eunoia is also defines as “beautiful thinking.”(from Wikipedia)

2008年10月5日 星期日

081005 - Multipe screen life

It's every geek's fantasy when they see futuristic cyberist/hacker/slicer typing their way with 3 of more computer screens in front of them.

I brought a new laptop few months back, a new iPod nano last month, and I resurrected my old notebook as a working station. Now usually I have a video or music playing on the Nano, while I design my new DM for student's club on the work station, and messengering on the laptop, which is the only one capable of going online.